The Profound Understanding of Major Arcana 11: Justice, Its Meaning and Interpretation

Introduction to Major Arcana 11: Justice

The world of tarot reading is a blend of mystery, symbolism, and deep knowledge. The major arcana subset, the strongly captivating portion of the tarot, consists of 22 pictorial cards filled with profound meanings. The 11th card, commonly recognized as Justice, is one of the primary pillars of this mystical world.

Symbolism Embodied in Major Arcana 11: Justice

The given card of Justice is depicted with a figure robed in red and green, seated on a stone chair between two pillars, symbolizing balance and structure. The figure’s entity typically wears a crown with a small square on it signifying fair resolutions.

The sword that they hold corresponds to the element of the air and signifies mental clarity, while the scales in their other hand denotes balance. In comparison, the existence of the veil behind reveals concealed wisdom.

The Interpretation of Major Arcana 11: Justice

The Justice card, akin to its name, indicates fairness, truth, law, cause, and effect. When this card appears in a reading, it advises the person to act with integrity and fairness to have the most beneficial outcome.

It’s not solely about legal matters; the Justice card also indicates the personal sense of right and wrong. It punishes dishonesty, rewards kindness and fairness, and brings to light both the good and bad deeds committed by an individual.

Major Arcana 11: Justice in Different Tarot Card Readings

  • In a Love Tarot Reading: The Justice card signifies a relationship guided by honesty and fairness. Any unresolved issues will come to the surface for resolution, guaranteeing fairness. For single people, it might predict the arrival of someone with whom they will create a balanced partnership.

  • In a Career Tarot Reading: Drawing Justice in a career-focussed reading suggests that your professional affairs are being dealt with fairness. Any hindrances or difficulties you are dealing with will be resolved in the most impartial manner possible.

  • In a Health Tarot Reading: The direction of Justice card in a health reading prompts a need for moderation. It advises taking a thorough review of your lifestyle habits. Those seeking medical advice might receive a fair evaluation of their situation.

  • In a Spiritual Tarot Reading: In a spiritual context, Major Arcana 11: Justice informs the quester of universal laws and constant, immutable underlying principles. It is a reminder for the individual to maintain their actions in line with these laws to maintain equilibrium and harmony in life.

The Reversed Major Arcana 11: Justice

When reversed, Major Arcana 11: Justice points to dishonesty, unfairness, or an unbalanced view of a situation. Conversely, it also might signify not accepting the consequences of our actions or delivering distorted justice due to bias.

The Life Aspects that Major Arcana 11: Justice Impact

Understanding the role of Justice in one’s life is crucial to interpret what it signifies when it appears in the reading. It holds sway over our mental clarity, morality, personal beliefs, and how we perceive equality or inequality in the world around us.


Fundamentally, the Major Arcana 11: Justice is an emblem of truth, equilibrium, and the law of cause and effect. Exploring this deep knowledge is much more than predicting the future; it’s about understanding oneself better and navigating life with awareness.

In the infinite universe of tarot reading, Major Arcana 11: Justice emerges as a guiding beacon teaching us crucial life lessons, the path of truth, the sense of right and wrong, and the act of acting with complete integrity. Mastering its understanding and interpretation can lead to personal growth and unmasked enlightenment.

The understanding of Major Arcana 11: Justice transcends the ordinary and ventures into the realms of the extraordinary, encapsulating key life pursuits such as truth, balance, and integrity. It is indeed, a vital force, commanding a noble place in the Major Arcana subset of the tarot.

Grasping the essence of this card is much like a personal revelation – a journey through the corridors of truth and fairness, where every turn reveals a new facet of life, a new aspect of ourselves.

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