Unraveling the Secrets: A Comprehensive Look at the 10 Major Arcana in Tarot

Introduction to the Mystical World of Tarot Embarking on this mystifying voyage of understanding the Tarot, specifically, the Ten Major Arcana cards, opens up an infinite realm of spiritual insights and self-discovery. In Tarot’s rich world, the Ten Major Arcana signify life’s spiritually transformative events, reflecting the journey from innocence to enlightenment. Let’s shed light … Read more

Major Insights: A Deep Dive into The Intricate Universe of The Minor Arcana

Understanding The Minor Arcana: An Exploration of The Underrated Domain In the world of tarot cards, the Minor Arcana is a profound component constituting a substantial expanse of the tarot deck. Brands like the Rider-Waite deck hold twenty-two Major Arcana, with the remaining 56 cards identified as the Minor Arcana. It is high time we … Read more