Exploring the Profound Significance of The Chariot Tarot Card


The notion of life as a journey, a tumultuous ride spattered with victories and defeats is universally acknowledged, and no entity embodies it more eloquently than The Chariot Tarot Card. Part of the Major Arcana, The Chariot symbolises dynamism, determination, drive, and direction.

Historical Context of The Chariot

A thorough comprehension of The Chariot Tarot Card meaning necessitates a retreat into antiquity. The historical context of The Chariot unravels layers of significance that permeate its modern-day interpretation. Deriving its nomenclature from the Latin ‘carrus’, it echoes the imagery of ancient warfare, epitomising the physical and mental tenacity of triumphant warriors.

Aesthetics and Symbolism

The acute understanding of the symbolism encoded in The Chariot Tarot Card allows a more profound grasp of its significance. Typically, the card depicts a sturdy, steeled figure riding a chariot, drawn by a dual entity, often represented as sphinxes or horses. Variety in its portrayal, contradictory theorisations, represent the inner struggles steering our lives.

The figure invariably sports a regal attire, expressing command and chivalry. The ‘U’ shaped shield emphasises psychic protection, warding off negativity. The omnipresent celestial canopy alludes to the inseparable bond between the physical and spiritual realms, and the charioteer’s pivotal role in harmonising both.

The Chariot Tarot Card – Upright Meaning

When drawn upright, The Chariot stands for control, momentum, and triumph driven by willpower and resolute determination. It challenges us to take the reins of our destiny, navigate life’s trials and tribulations, and convert adversity into an opportunity.

The Chariot Tarot Card – Reversed Meaning

The reversed Chariot signifies conflicts, setbacks, lack of direction, and the heavy weight of unchecked aggression. This positioning of The Chariot Tarot Card symbolises a powerful alert against directionless pursuits, urging for greater self-awareness.

The Chariot In Love Tarot

In romantic readings, drawing The Chariot Tarot Card implies a steady progression of relationships, achieved through compromise and perseverance. Both forces, positive and negative, in cohesion, drive the chariot forward, providing a balanced outlook towards partnership.

The Chariot In Career Readings

The Chariot Tarot Card in a career spread encourages us to push through the turmoil, focus, and maintain conviction in our paths. It uplifts ambition, productivity, and favours those willing to dedicate their efforts relentlessly.

The Chariot In Health Readings

Within a health context, The Chariot Tarot Card implies a battle with ailments, encompassing the spirit of overcoming health-related obstacles. It is a seeker of resilience, strength, and eventual recovery.

The Element and Astrology of The Chariot

The Chariot is associated with the element of water, highlighting the emotional aspects of our journey – the dreams, desires, and the unseen depths of our being. In astrology, the card is linked to Cancer, whose symbiotic relationship with the Moon personifies the cyclical nature of life and emotions.


Understanding The Chariot Tarot Card meaning expands our perceptions of life and our roles within it, alluding to the dynamics of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Through each victory and defeat, through strife and serenity, The Chariot remains a sturdy companion, exhorting us to rise, assert, persist and emerge victorious in the grand journey that is life.

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